22 December 2008

Dante's Inferno: The Interactive Experience!

We no longer need to die before getting to experience Hell.

Thanks to EA Games, we can now tag along with Dante in Hell.

Being a modern interpretation (coughcough), there won't be any of the sissy "let's follow Virgil around!" business - it's all, "Demons. Kill," and other objectives that are just as violent and bloody, I'm sure.

I wonder if Jesus has been modernised for the Harrowing of Hell bit? I can just see it now: Jesus throwing suitably updated Holy Hand Grenades of Antioch* left and right while swearing (in a politically correct vein, of course) at His enemies and bearing down upon them like a banshee from..........a non-Dantean Hell on His way to victory, which, sadly, is not a part of this game. Apparently EA's decided that the Purgatorio and Paradiso don't make for good gaming material.

Any chance I could get an advance copy, EA? For review purposes, of course. Or research purposes. Either one works for me.

While I'm at it, anyone know if the Vatican will offer indulgences for spending virtual days in Hell?

More details on this game can be found at EA's webpage for the game here.

And, yes, I know Dante began writing the Comedy in 1308, not 1300, as the clip claims. (The story itself actually begins on Good Friday in 1300, though.)

If this game comes out before Kalamazoo next year, I daresay that the video game sessions will be very popular there.

*A reference to a highly amusing weapon in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Jennifer Lynn Jordan

I'm writing my letter to Santa for this game right now!

Greg Carrier

So am I!

In fact, all medievalists should!