08 November 2008

Under New Management(?)

Over the past few weeks, I've been considering what exactly I want this blog to do. I've been slowly realising that the blog's been happily taking on a life of its own, particularly with the presence of my ..... 'co-bloggers', let us say.

I had originally intended for this blog to act as a forum in which I could discuss ideas concerning disability in terms of the medieval period and the modern period, especially in terms of how modern thought about disability has been employed in attempts to understand medieval conceptualisations of disability. And there would be some silliness light fare as well: the last thing I wanted this blog to become was a pedantic one.

This blog will still remain an academic one at heart, but I think I will be allowing my 'co-bloggers' more opportunities to post - even I find that they have good things to say...assuming they can stop bickering among themselves long enough to write something. I will still discuss issues regarding disability and how disability and the disabled themselves were viewed in the medieval period, of course!

Check back for some new posts in the next week or so!