10 November 2008

Horse zombies: long forgotten in medieval bestiaries!

It seems people are looking for my blog from far and wide.

This desire, however, has led to some very...inteeeeeeeeeeeresting google searches.

  1. Survey dogs + questions: I'd be glad to answer your questions, provided they're about service dogs, not survey ones. That's a new one.
  2. Bottles + medieval: Thank Not Drunken Tom for that one.
  3. Cool sounding medieval words: I'm glad to have been of service, even though I'm not quite sure which 'cool sounding' words I've employed that were deemed google-worthy. If you really want some cool-sounding words, take up Latin, Old English, and Middle English. Or something.
  4. Famous cripples in history: Stand up and take a bow, Emma de Beston! And the rest of you, too!
  5. Medieval opinion on the disabled: Let's hope the searcher wasn't looking for modern opinions that are positively medieval. *rim shot*
  6. Mean domina: I believe you forgot four letters at the end: -trix.
  7. Crippled dog death: Oh dear....
  8. What is imbeciles: May I suggest moseying on over to the OED's website?
  9. Gird thy lions: Oh, what an awesome phrase that is!
  10. Cripples: Right to the point - I like that!
  11. Tusculan disputations middle ages: Last time I checked, Cicero wrote the TD in his middle age, yeah.
  12. Politically incorrect terms for disability: You're welcome!
  13. Begging for money + disabled people: I guess that's what I get for writing that post on disability and begging.
  14. Summa dog: Yes, that was the name of Aquinas' dog - Summa.
  15. Silence imbeciles: We're all imbeciles in one way or another, so doesn't that mean the entire world should suddenly go mute?....
  16. Cripple disabilities: A cripple with disabilities? If that works for you....
  17. History of dogs britain medieval: Chase is pretty offended that you've implied she's a very old (grand) dame. She can still chase her ball, thank you very much!
And my personal favourite:

  1. Horse imports + zombies

Yes. You read that correctly. Apparently my blog discusses horse imports and zombies.

Therefore I offer the following letter:


Dear Sir or Madam,

I regret to inform you that this blog does not discuss horse imports and/or zombies either separately or in tandem...or in any grotesque physical combination of the two, although I suspect there may very well be some marginal images of horse zombies in a medieval manuscript somewhere.

If you do have evidence of horse zombies in the medieval period, please feel free to forward such evidence to this blog. I would be quite interested in seeing what horse zombies are and what powers were accorded to them, as I've long suspected that medieval bestiaries were incomplete.

Cordially yours,

Greg Carrier


Penny L. Richards

But "Gird Thy Lions" would be an excellent blog name.

Greg Carrier

Indeed it would be! Someone should start a blog with that name....