18 July 2008

Service Dogs and the UK - a good combo?

My apologies for not posting for the past few days. I promise that Disabled Histories will be completed in the near future.

I've been having some fun figuring out how the heck I can bring Chase with me to the UK in February or March of next year for two to three weeks. I've found the DEFRA website, which outlines the PETS Scheme, which is what I'd be following in terms of making sure fuzzball is legal and all of that jazz.

I've already called Air Canada and British Airways, the two possibilities for me from Important-City-In-The-Middle-Of-Nowhere and I think I've kinda figured out what the heck I'm supposed to do in terms of the airlines. I'll be calling DEFRA regarding the PETS Scheme first thing Monday morning (literally! God bless time zones...) to sort out exactly what I have to do with Chase.

However, this is all terribly complicated and hurts my head. Medieval stuff doesn't hurt my head - heck, even medieval law doesn't, but it appears that modern laws and regulations do hurt my head.

In short, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how I can try to make sense of all of this and make it as painless as possible?